Elevating the Conversation on Wind Energy to New Heights!


This week, our passion for renewable energy took us further – or should we say, 137m upwards!

Together with our Group CEO and owner Daniel A. Oechslin, Marco Immordino, and Samuel Schneider of Green Energy Venture AG – the tech & advisory arm of our group – we enjoyed the breathtaking experience of visiting the wind turbines built in the partnerships Windpark Kirchberg in Germany. The team exchanged ideas with wind pioneers Georg Persiegehl and Uwe Geisink at a staggering height of 137m above the ground.

The future is eolic! Wind energy is sustainable, reliable, and a perfect complementary to our solar PV initiatives. Together with our portfolio of pioneering companies, we’re creating a positive and sustainable future.

With decades of experience from many successful projects worldwide, we aim to ignite the conversation in Switzerland.

Contact us, if you want to know more about the possibilities of bringing decentrally and requirement-adapted energy systems to application. Let’s give wind energy the political and technical spotlight it deserves in Switzerland!

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