Energy 4 Everyone - 180m Above Central Switzerland!


Energy 4 Everyone – 180m Above Central Switzerland!

Every day, we work to enhance wind energy technology across Switzerland. Eolic and voltaic energy complement each other synergetically for a local, independent, decentrally arranged, and future-proof energy supply in Switzerland.

Yet, for us, the energy transition goes beyond technology. It’s about PEOPLE. We take pride in our unique participation model, where up to over 50% of the assets are owned by the very community members and citizens where the machines are located in the end!

Beyond the breathtaking views (only for those with strong stomachs!), these trips allow us to engage in meaningful dialogues with landowners and gather crucial data from the measuring mast at nacelle’s height. And yes, at 180m, that’s quite a view with the modern 6.2 MW turbines!


Together, we’re reaching new heights in renewable energy and ensuring it benefits EVERYONE.

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