We are doing our best to thrive in our home country, with a new focus of our formerly almost pure utility group.


As #diversification of #generation along #renewable energies is getting of central importance, we are doing the best possible to thrive in our #home country, with a new focus of our formerly almost pure utility group.


OE I EN decided early 2021 to operate on all branch levels apart of residential, so C&I Applications with Swiss Renewable Solutions, Agrivoltaics with RSM Energy AG and our stem business utility scale powerplants with Green Energy Venture AG have been brought to scalable application levels within Switzerland. Long year Partnerships like AESOLAR among others have been woven into our application pipeline, which we are #developing since multiple years in Switzerland.


When we started these developments years ago, the interest on what we were doing was a lot less, which brings a competitive advantage to our current development status on wind, solar PV and storage projects.


With a total own pipeline of over 750 MW currently we are convinced #leading a best-way qualified and anchored project pipeline into the field, which we are certainly proud of. More can be read under the following link:




Still, our great #teams with over 20 years of renewable #experience are still looking for vital national project partnerships of #municipal and #private character, which we facilitate fairly through citizen and townhall participation #models which are bringing outstanding ecobalances and a real asset #ownership into the vincinities!


Contact us if you would like to know more of the possibilities, bringing decentrally and requirement-adapted energy systems to application.


Visit our roof brand oe.energy to find out more about our mission!


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